Mads. D

I am grateful to John for the amount of heart and soul he poured into working with me. I had come out of a longterm relationship 4 months earlier and was ready to get serious about creating the kind of life I wanted with women.

For ages I had been reading on forums and watching YouTube “how to” videos but had no way of knowing what was really sound advice. I was wary about all the dating coaches that seemed to spring up everywhere with more or less dubious methods, ethics and credentials and didn’t want to throw a lot of money away on something that would make me feel dishonest and like a fraud. I got a recommendation for John and when we talked I could feel that we were on the same page.

Authentic, assertive, honest expression with no “gamey” flavours.

Undoubtably the best money I have spent on self development, ever, and I recommend John’s work to anyone serious about changing their life with women.