Alex. M


Dear John,

It is not about the girls, not about attraction or how to make them want to have sex that I have learned these days. I learned to let go and by doing that I am more and more free. I am afraid I will not recognize the place that I am returning to, I will not recognize the city that I’ve been living in for fifteen years because now I see the world differently. I now feel like writing poetry and music about what I feel when I meet women, John! This might actually be the thing that I was telling you is missing from my unfinished songs. Read these lines about how I felt when I met Katia from Ukraine at Starbucks this morning:

“You are Vienna, I am Budapest.

You are elegant, stylish and polite.

I am a bit dirtier but raw and intense.

Nothingness now starts to make sense.

You are Vienna I am Budapest.”

The actual words or quality of the expression above is not important just as the fact that the outcome when interacting is not important. What is important is that it comes from Truth.

Do you realize what you have uncovered? You have opened something for the world to benefit. I will teach your art through music, poetry or whatever form of expression I might find can better deliver the message. I want others to see what I see.