Tantric Dating Masterclass Sweden

May 31st - June 3rd 2018

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Here’s what you’re looking at in Sweden

In this 3 day Intensive we will be revealing the keys to Deep Intimacy, the powerful technology of Tantric Practices; Sexual Yoga, Conscious Touch & Energy work, and never before taught material to create powerful human connections.

We will explore a wide spectrum of connections with each other, intellectual, emotional, sensual and spiritual. In this masterclass we will also explore the issues that men and women have relating in a dating context. We will embrace sacred sexuality, the power of choice and action taking with compassion and a willingness to serve each other with desire.


  • We open the circle with planting a seed of intention and learning more about boundaries, consent and social skills.
  • Then we gather in a men only group and a woman only group to strengthen your sexual core and your attraction power.
  • With your new found insights and charisma we will play heartfelt and soulful games to make you meet the rest of the people in the group in many different ways.
  • You will also have the oppourtunity to experience giving and recieving tantric massage and to learn more about energetic touch and sexual magic. This retreat is a deep healing journey that no matter what will bring you new insights, healing of old negative patterns and a opening to unconditional love.

In the retreat you will experience practices:

  • Morning Yoga 
  • Sacred Circle 
  • Tantric Conversation and Listening Roleplays 
  • Eye Gazing 
  • Mastering Sexual Energy 
  • Sensual and Conscious Touch 
  • Healing and Energetic Tantric Massage 
  • Discussions and Improvisation Exercises

This Course is perfect for

Both men and women, singles and people in open relationships. You will be relating with many individuals of the opposite gender for the sake of practice. All the exercises are optional and there is no nudity involved. We as organizers will make sure there is a good gender balance.

For that reason this event has a limited number of participants, so please reserve your place soon.

Meet your mentors

Lin Holmquist

Lin started her journey on the shamanic path, the path of the forests and the lakes - and the worlds in between. Later her search for peace took her to India where she studied yoga and white tantra. She spent many years working as a yogateacher and a yoga therapist until she realized yoga and meditation always seems to leave the deepest mystery of life untouched - the sexuality. Thanks to a very powerful sexual awakening she was drawn on to the tantric path, a fast track to freedom and love. Lin is a excellent bodyworker, tantric healer and facilitator of big tantric event such as the Ängsbacka Tantra festival with more than 500 participants.

John Cooper

John has been coaching men and women for the past 6 years on the notion of unconditional human relating and has brought about a dramatic change into the men's seduction community. A community which was once focussed solely on the acquisition of women is now evolving into a platform for self-healing and co-creative desire. John travels the world hosting seminars and workshops and has written an amazon bestseller about his journey to his discoveries.

So if you are tired of frustating swiping on Tinder, drunken bar encounters, or empty one night stands you are welcome to come to the Tantric Dating Masterclass in Angsbacka, Sweden.

Joing us with Lin Holmquist a world traveling Tantric Master and John Cooper – a Social Innovator and Dating coach


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