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Daniel. C

Consultant, 29

Mads. D

Entrepreneur, 37

I am grateful to John for the amount of heart and soul he poured into working with me. I had come out of a longterm relationship 4 months earlier and was ready to get serious about creating the kind of life I wanted with women.

For ages I had been reading on forums and watching YouTube "how to" videos but had no way of knowing what was really sound advice. I was wary about all the dating coaches that seemed to spring up everywhere with more or less dubious methods, ethics and credentials and didn’t want to throw a lot of money away on something that would make me feel dishonest and like a fraud. I got a recommendation for John and when we talked I could feel that we were on the same page.

Authentic, assertive, honest expression with no “gamey” flavours.

Undoubtably the best money I have spent on self development, ever, and I recommend John’s work to anyone serious about changing their life with women.


Life Coach, 30

Alex. M

Musician, 40


Dear John,

It is not about the girls, not about attraction or how to make them want to have sex that I have learned these days. I learned to let go and by doing that I am more and more free. I am afraid I will not recognize the place that I am returning to, I will not recognize the city that I've been living in for fifteen years because now I see the world differently. I now feel like writing poetry and music about what I feel when I meet women, John! This might actually be the thing that I was telling you is missing from my unfinished songs. Read these lines about how I felt when I met Katia from Ukraine at Starbucks this morning:

"You are Vienna, I am Budapest.

You are elegant, stylish and polite.

I am a bit dirtier but raw and intense.

Nothingness now starts to make sense.

You are Vienna I am Budapest."

The actual words or quality of the expression above is not important just as the fact that the outcome when interacting is not important. What is important is that it comes from Truth.

Do you realize what you have uncovered? You have opened something for the world to benefit. I will teach your art through music, poetry or whatever form of expression I might find can better deliver the message. I want others to see what I see.




Bence. B

Entrepreneur, 22

James. T

Surf Coach, 23

Jörg. S

Corporate trainer, 28

John is one of my 3 biggest inspirations in life. When I learned that giving is much more important than taking my whole life changed. I started to help and love people unconditionally. I received more enquiries relating my professional work, my network grew way faster and more sustainable and the best thing is that my relationship with my girlfriend became much deeper and stronger than ever before. Giving people love as well as trusting and encouraging them is now a big part of the way I live my life. John is one of my best recommendations for your personal development. Thanks for the inspiration, John.



Photographer, 45

Tom. C

Online Marketing, 31


Last night I was moved to tears after a simple hug.

So why was that?

Well I’ve shared the last 5 days in Barcelona with this incredible soul.

John has helped me transcend some deep rooted fears and given me a new perspective on how I interact and show up in the world. The tears were of joy and gratitude because I was giving my love unconditionally in that moment and completely detached myself from any outcome or expectation. It’s hard to even describe in words because it was a feeling that erupted inside of me.

So thank you John, Samuel and Chris for your guidance and wisdom, and Ádám & Sean for your support. And of course the crazy fun times and laughs we have all shared.



Ezster. F

TV presenter, 23

And then John Cooper came in. When he spoke I couldn’t even breath. It was an incredible experience, his every word touched me. If I had to highlight some critical parts it’d be these: "All you need is within you in this moment.” Yep, you can be whole, because the love you need is within you, and if you listen to it, you can feel it. Live your own wholeness, because this is the only way you can add to others life, too. And who gives can lose nothing. It is a strange paradox but the more you give, the more you get.

And with this incredible momentum and energy I left the training with I got back to my life with full of emotions.

What fascinating is that I experienced mindblowing things immediately the day after the training. I was leaving from work and going back to home when 3 different guys came to me and told me after 5 minute of acquaintance how sexy I was or left me with a hug, moved by „the touching vibe of mine”. I was just astonished. With that mindset and love that I had I got reflected it back from the world. It was like standing in front of a mirror and illuminate it with a lamp. So much light reflected back like it was almost more than I could handle.

Basically I could give with this energy fully to everyone I met since then, and I noticed that everybody wants to be with me.
John, I don’t know what happened with me on that training what shifted me like this, but I enjoy every moment of my life unbelievebly. I am present. I love who I am and I can accept others more this way, too.
I must mention that I seem to be a novice in this world as a woman, but it makes it more interesting and I have great plans with this are of my life!

All in all, who experience these feelings and mindset at once, won’t be able to live life other way after that.

I just want to say thank you.



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