Playa Del Carmen Residential

May 2021

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Here’s what you’re looking at in Playa Del Carmen:

  • Live training residential with personal mentorship from John
  • Transform your social skills and master your interactions with everyone
  • Have your wildest ever adventure in one of the most passionate city on earth.
  • Cancun’s golden beaches have long seduced visitors. Learn the art of social play in a playground that’s free and open to all, offering endless interactions mingling amid the passing parade of beautiful people.
  • Music is the lifeblood of Mexico – Learn how to find your rhythm and lead with your masculine edge with the latin-fueled nightlife.
  • Explore your sexuality with the most exotic and sexually confident women anywhere in the world.


  • 5 days of LIVE coaching so you can learn the art of connection, sexuality and social freedom.
  • Maximum of 2 students allowed on course to optimise coaching.
  • Around the clock support so you have intimate time with John to create a literal failure-is-impossible environment
  • Hidden microphone sessions so I can pin-point you to the simple steps that will push you past your barriers and create immense breakthroughs that can be seen and enjoyed immediately.
  • 30+ hours of personalised mentoring  I spend all of my time and energy making sure that you experience the Social Heartistry philosophy, internal change, confidence and social & sexual freedom
  • Live practical coaching at beaches, coffee shops, streets, bars, nightclubs. You’ll leave knowing absolutely how to interact with people in any location, and be able to do it yourself with freedom and without hesitation.
  • I’ll go in-depth with you on the 6 Golden Principles and how one small mindset shift removes all of the social demons of anxiety, rejection and pain, and how it turns “The Game” into “The Party.”
  • Master your most valuable life skills whilst having the Adventure of a lifetime.

This Course is perfect for

  • Advanced students who have gone through the academy training program or have previous exposure to John’s material
  • Men that have gone through the pick up artist/game route and want something more evolved and healthy
  • Those that want a holistic lifestyle change and have high levels of self-awareness
  • An excellent team player who can support his fellow students
  • Someone who is willing to stand the heat – The pace will be fast and exhilarating

+ accommodation included

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