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Social Heartistry Academy

6 Weeks of Personal Mentorship with John to Master Your Social Skills & Relationships
  • Integrate Emotional Pain And Eliminate Neediness When Socialising
  • The 3 Core Principles That Turns Strategy into a Spontaneous Flow
  • Project Your Intent In A Way That Makes People Feel Attracted By Understanding Boundaries
  • Never Again Run Out Of Things To Say By Mastering Your Conversations
  • Understanding Group Dynamics and Dealing With Multiple People
  • Cultivate Your Own Unique Artistic Expression Without Replicating Others

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Virtual 1-to-1 Coaching

60 minutes personal coaching
  • One-on-one with John Cooper
  • Ask me any questions
  • The fastest catalyst for change
  • Homework exercises
  • Support network access
  • Advice for the future

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Empowering The Knight Within

Full Weekend Seminar on Empowered Masculinity
  • Understanding The Male Cycle - Taking "Charge"
  • Healing the Mother/Boy Wound - And Becoming Autonomous
  • How To Wield Your Masculinity Without Shame
  • Understanding Attraction On An Electromagnetic Level
  • How to Lead Romantically with Empathy not Control
  • Extra Bonuses

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Game Over

From Pick-up Artist to Social Heartist

There is a wealth of strength and power within us all, and the way to access it may be surprising. Reconnect with the immense social intelligence you were born with. Throw out the toxic ideas of 'Game'. Declare Game Over, and reclaim the life of social freedom and endless joy you've always had inside.


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