Virtual 1-to-1 Coaching

Virtual 1-to-1 Coaching

60mins with John via Skype

  • One-on-one with John Cooper
  • Ask me any questions
  • The fastest catalyst for change
  • Homework exercises
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  • Advice for the future


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Social Heartistry Academy

Social Heartistry Academy

Master Your Social Skills & Naturally Connect With Anyone

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The most advanced program on social dynamics and personal mastery anywhere in the world

If you want to develop genuine social and sexual freedom, you have to move beyond the transactional nature of modern dating advice, develop an attractive self-esteem and become a true social artist.  Rather than teach you the rudimentary “pick up” techniques, I will teach you the core principles that allow you to find your own unique voice and style.  Instead of chasing success, you will discover fulfilment with women as well as in all other areas of your life.  Be warned, this program is not for the faint-hearted or for those chasing sex.  Only those that want to profoundly develop themselves read on…

Our philosophy

We focus primarily with the relationship with ourselves

The main focus of Social Heartistry is our relationships.  That means with our sexual partners but also the relationships we have with our social world, meeting strangers and most importantly with ourselves. Healing the pain and emptiness inside and learning to be totally happy and fulfilled without the need for women.

Desiring women is fine.

Taking masculine action is fine. Craving for women like a starved wolf craves for food is certainly not. If you can embody concepts presented in this program, as a side effect the right women will be more into you than ever before.

As a result human relationships will not be a source of using each other to run away from our pain, but a place of beautiful and honest relations motivated by co-creation.

Simply put: You can have happiness and create intimacy with people you desire at the same time being fulfilled long-term.

  • Stop chasing and start attracting
  • Connect with people without using controlling tactics
  • Attain real core confidence that is not dependent on any situation
  • Move from working FOR a woman, to playing WITH women
  • Express your sexuality in a way that makes women feel good
  • Learn how to BE attractive not DO attraction strategies
  • Turn acquisition on its head
  • Dissolve inner obstacles & experience high breakthroughs
  • Go deeper within yourself to go deeper with other people
  • Move through the world with total freedom and youthful spirit

Let's do things differently

Introducing the Healthy Human Way

  • Social Heartistry is about self-fulfilment and the sharing of this with others
  • Look at women as entire subjects
  • You are internally validated
  • You have fun and let go, expressing honestly to people
  • Feel that you are enough
  • You feel strong and centred within yourself
  • You feel already fulfilled with or without women
  • Everything is light and carefree and you want to play with people
  • You are driven by honesty and integrity in every action
  • You don’t need to hide or mask your actions with fake confidence
  • Connecting with women is healthy and effortless, it feels right
  • Connect with their mind and soul as well as their body
  • Feeling totally healthy, radiating and attractive
  • Co-create and share yourself unconditionally
  • Promotes simplified action

Inside The Social Heartistry Academy

30+ Videos

More then 30 videos that will explain in detail the 6 golden principles you need to know to master your inner and outer world.

Experienced Coaches

You’re in good hands.  John has more then 7 years of experience and is widely regarded as a pioneer in the industry

6 Modules

The course is divided into 6 modules. To structure your learning accordingly we recommend working through each module separately.

PDF Support

Throughout the academy, there will be PDF’s of important theory so you can digest in your own time, and have more of an intellectual understanding of the video material

Private Community

Direct access to John and instant access to the private academy group, for ongoing support and to share stories and insights with a brotherhood

Extra Bonuses

Get huge discounts on live coaching programs (up to 30% off) by becoming an academy member

What's included

HD Quality Video Lessons

Menprovement and John Cooper have worked really hard to create the most powerful training product for you to watch and learn the exact steps you need to take to grow in your confidence with women and life in general.

  • Transcend The Current Dating Model
  • Learn Powerful Unconditional States of Being
  • Step By Step Guide To Complete Inner Transformation
  • Work Through The Layers Of Pain Created In Childhood
  • Understand The Principles That Create Attraction

Amazing Side Effects

If you are still here it means that you are the guy who is driven by his heart. A true heartfelt warrior, and we want true warriors. For your interest let us show you some of the results and side effects that you are going to notice in 6 weeks:

Human Relationships

  • Better Quality Connections
  • Better Sex Life
  • More Fulfilment

Emotional Wellbeing

  • Healing The Inner Pain
  • Inner Peace
  • Feel Younger

Everyday Life

  • More Creativity
  • More Authenticity
  • More Empathy

Spiritual Evolution

  • Higher Resonance
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Attracting Better People

Most Fulfilled You

  • Radiate Positive Energy
  • No more Guilt or Shame
  • Feel Powerful

Life Mission

  • Unlocking Your Potential
  • Finding Your Core Gift
  • Finding Your Passion


Hear some of the many life-changing experiences from my Social Heartistry students.


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Empowering The Knight Within

Empowering the Knight Within - Full Weekend Seminar

Advanced Training For Men - Empowered Masculinity, Personal Mastery & Natural Attraction

In this powerful video series filmed over two days, we reveal the foundations of masculinity based upon centuries of archetypal mythology and ancient Toltec wisdom. We show you how to be assertive in your life and around women romantically, in the most honest way possible.

We live at a point in time where our masculinity is being castrated. As men we are being collectively blamed and shamed for the acts of a few. We also have no healthy male role models or compass to follow when it comes to showing up powerfully as a man. Our autonomy and sense of purpose has been sadly replaced with addictiveness, adolescence and pseudo-alpha maleness.

If you are prepared to step up in your life and be the man that women and the world deeply desire, then it is our promise that the very nature of this video series will burn away anything but the Empowered Knight Within.


Chris Deojee

International Toltec & Ancient Wisdom Teacher, Worldwide Speaker on Gender, Electromagnetism and Linguistics.

Pioneer of new paradigm within dating community. Teacher, Relationships Expert and Social Artist.


What Prince was ever a man to look up to?

We have been fed the Prince Charming / Cinderella myth for far too long. No wonder there is frustration and confusion when it comes to showing up in the world. Not to mention around women.

The Knight is an older and stronger archetype that knows the REAL meaning of Integrity, Temper, Mettle and what it is to be a Just Warrior. This is symbolised through the knight’s personal flag, which is his rules, his values, his offerings. This includes his vulnerability, his authenticity and his courage for action.


The Gender Crisis & Evolved Masculinity

Part 1

The Myth of Patriarchy

As men we may not realise we carry the guilt and shame of men long dead or distant, loaded into us by culture and other women and men in our lives. This denies us the claiming, integration and development of our powerful masculine energy in the world. The men in society are quite literally "cuffed", "collared" and "tied".

Part 2

The Male Cycle – Taking Charge

We all know about the female hormone cycle but did you know there is a male hormone cycle too? That is why you may feel fully charged one day and 'spent' the next. Learning how to recognise and use our ‘peak times’ allows us to bring dynamic (or gentle) change to our lives and relationships. Whilst giving ourselves a breather from our own expectations of self at our 'low times'.

Part 3

The Mother/Boy Wound

The gender crisis has left us with a super-strong masculine archetype in the women, and a super-strong feminine archetype in the men. This creates the sticking point between men and women connecting in a healthy way (and is one of the causes of the perceived need for ‘Game’ to be able to connect with women). If you ever felt like a boy in your relationship, or you ever felt mothered – this is for you.

Part 4

The Pseudo-Alpha Male

You may have seen companies teach; how to be more "alpha". Tenuously linking it to some evolutionary theory. The perceived alpha male image used in society and the men's dating community is actually "the petulant boy" who is requiring constant validation from women and his peers. Here we dispel every ‘alpha’ myth, showing it to be a stagnant model of control/dictatorship stemming from the “Boy” archetype that cannot lead to anything lasting.

Part 5

Stop Being Yourself and Be-Come Yourself

“Just BE yourself!” This is the best and the worst advice you can get. “Being” is your feminine principle – acceptance, receptivity, softness. And the “Coming” is your masculine – it is that which is to come, your penetration into the world, your change, your aspiration. It’s not fully realised yet, but it's Coming. Acceptance and Change together is a Be-Coming.

Part 6

Attention & Intention

Attention is really about a-tension. When you’re drawn to porn, chocolate, cigarettes, hot woman, there is a-tension created. Understand and learn to work with this, and you will transform your life and move to mastery of your personal state. Where attention goes energy flows. (what we make important with attention, or not). Moving from fixed goals to intentions, and learning how tension works in social dynamics will also allow you to navigate with emotional intelligence and impact.

We’ll also cover

the Four Natural Enemies, Cues, Embodiment, Rites of Passage, the Five Agreements


Autonomous Man & Fearless Human Connection

Part 1

Autonomy and Letting Go

Are you filling a hole or feeling whole? The damaged masculine acts as an addict and goes on the incessant hunt for women and things to fill his hole. Part of the repair work is understanding how this comes from the disembodied mind, created through childhood imprints. Once the self is re-embodied, social interaction is a co-creation, sharing, overlapping, merging, yet both parties are complete with or without each other. This requires autonomy, redirected focus and letting go.

Part 2

The Player vs. the Worker

It's funny we call guys trying to get laid as “players” yet they are the ones working for a woman's affection and often the ones that struggle most with women. The true natural is one that is immersed in a constant state of play and that play trickles down to people around him. By moving from work to play, the man is always autonomous and attractive because his actions are unconditional - independent on reactions from anyone.

Part 3

Understanding Attraction on a Gender Level

Ever tried to “build” attraction and found you were repelling women? That's because attraction is actually a feminine principle not masculine. You don't DO attraction, you BE attractive. This is why women find barmen or men in uniform sexy. It is because it symbolises a strong sense of purpose and activity, which creates an osmosis-like effect.

Part 4

Masculine Edge: Leading with Empathy not Control

As with the intention section. There is a clear distinction between leading with empathy and leading with control. One is done as a process driven experience and the other is done as a strategy to acquire something. Boldly leading from a place of sharing is powerful, leading from a place of lack is repellent and selfish.

Part 5

Seduction is Reduction: The Spirit of the Child's Heart

The elusive state men are looking for is not an iron man facade. It is actually a revealing and unpacking. Instead of seeing it as a “getting in state” it is a dissolving into "flow". That flow is "Play, Giving and Exploration” and we all had it when we were children. Once we realise the access to our courageous self is within the eyes and heart of our child spirit, we reclaim the exuberance of life once more.

We’ll also cover

Tempered touch, The Dark Edge of Masculinity, and MORE


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