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There is a wealth of strength and power within us all, and the way to access it may be surprising. Only the weak and desperate are forced to take, yet so many of us interact with others this way. You want approval. You want the girl to think you're funny. You want your boss to be impressed. You're told you need to 'Game' them to get something from them. Nothing could be further from the truth...

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Hi, I'm John Cooper and I'm an expert in the Art of Social.
Since 2010, I've travelled to over 40 countries and helped transform the lives of over a thousand men & women - from Senior Naval Officers to Bavarian Royalty to 76 year old virgins. Rather than teaching manipulative techniques or strategies - I guide you to cultivate your own creative intelligence and natural personality. If you follow my advice your life will be more fulfilling than you could ever imagine.

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